I sold my jewelry in the United States, Canada, Britain, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Finland, Denmark and other countries.

But it’s always retail sales over the Internet. I want to find partners who will be able to show my jewelry to potential customers live. Because my jewelry looks much better live than in the pictures and the smell of fragrance jewelry can not be transferred via the internet :)

So if you have a store, shop online, or you just want to buy Fragrance Jewelry LIXORI by wholesale (it is 10 or more jewelry), I have for you a special offer:

When you buy my handmade jewelry wholesale you get 25% discount :) The discount is calculated automatically as soon as in your cart will be 10 or more jewelry.

For wholesale prices you need to buy 10 or more of jewelry at a time. Purchase must be paid at once. Sending should be sent to a single address. Handmade jewelry that are sold as kits, at wholesale count as one jewelry.

Wholesale order available for companies and for individuals.

You can pay wholesale order by PayPal or use US Payment Service.

I’ll send jewelry to any country.

If you buy my jewelry wholesale, I will make and send your order in 2 weeks. All the jewelry I make by hand, so it takes some time.

The shipping costs of up to 2 kg (4.4 pounds) in the United States from $10 (delivery 2 – 4 weeks) to $25 (express delivery 8 – 14 days). One pair of earrings weighs about 25 grams (0.88 ounces).

To find out the shipping costs to other countries and have any questions please contact me.

Email: lixoricom@gmail.com or WhatsApp: +7 921 8929572

Please note that the handmade jewelry are not packed. I do all own hands and still not come up with the packing for my jewelry :)